When you go to a jewelry store, you have the right to choose a gemstone as an ornament on your jewelry. For a long time, rubies, damonds and emeralds were the most chosen. But today, lithotherapy may be starting to be in vogue. There is for example the obsidian stone. It is a semi-precious stone which has various virtues on the physical and moral health of human beings. It has been around for thousands of years and its use is of interest to many people around the world. What do you need to know about this stone before you buy it?

Obsidian: what is it?

Obsidian is actually a fine stone that was discovered by researchers millions of years ago. Its name "obsidian" comes from the Roman word "obsius". The Romans were the first to enjoy the beauty of this stone. It may have been the first mineral that was brought to Ethiopia. But apart from its beauty, its history is also very interesting. Besides, it is for this reason that it is currently used as ornaments, decorative elements, etc.

The history of obsidian stone

If you are interested in the use of obsidian, it is first of all necessary for you to know its history. This mineral has been used for millions of years by man to make jewellery. But you should know that in the beginning, the stone was used to make weapons such as knives, spears and arrows. Others also used it to make mirrors. This makes the stone strong and durable.

Where can you find obsidian?

If you want to get some, it's simple. All you have to do is go to a jewelry store or visit a shop that specializes in obsidian. However, if you want to find a real obsidian, you can go to a volcanic island.  Like diamonds, obsidian is a mineral found near volcanoes. It takes its shape from lava flows. It is especially in the European continent that this stone is the best known. With the Greek islands as well as the Aeolian Islands of Italy, it is certain that in this area there are many of them.