Silver is one of the precious metals after gold used to make jewellery. In recent years, it even seems to have more popular with the French than gold. Its characteristics and virtues are probably due to it. Finally, its seemingly affordable price remains a key point in the choice of buyers.

Money 925

To make a ring, necklace or bracelet, silver alloyed with a hard metal is needed. Indeed, too soft, it twists very easily. European standards recognise 925 silver as the ideal type of silver to make any kind of jewellery: there is at least 92.5% of this metal in the alloy. Almost all jewellers use this type of silver for their products; they mark a hallmark that attests to this quality. However, even being a precious metal, silver has always been acquired at a reasonable price compared to gold. Indeed, many online jewellers can offer you cheap jewellery with the same qualities.

A malleable metal

Here's a point where silver scores many points over its competitors: it is a perfectly malleable metal. Indeed, its atomic body allows a perfect alloy with any other material. This quality allows jewellers to experiment with their creativity and thus diversify production. The amazing thing about silver jewellery is that it appeals to all age groups, which gives free rein to the imagination when it comes to creation. The mix of this precious metal with all kinds of materials such as fabric, precious stones, mother-of-pearl, etc. offers original, trendy and chic jewellery at a moderate price. Moreover, with the growing offer, finding cheap silver jewelry seems easier than it looks.

The cheapest

Many French women seem to be interested in silver jewelry for these few reasons. First of all because this precious metal offers very diversified products, timeless, simple but refined, and which go with any type of outfit. Then, because silver jewellery is very eye-catching, of good quality but at a low purchase cost. Indeed, they are a very good alternative to gold, which for a long time held first place. They lend themselves to any style and any circumstance in such a way that they are nowadays essential fashion accessories. Jewellers are working to offer the cheapest possible prices to ensure customer loyalty for many years to come.