Turquoise stones are opaque minerals formed from a combination of aluminium and copper, and they belong to the Alumina Phosphate group. The stone originated from the French word meaning ‘stone of Turkey,’ as it came to Europe from Turkey. These deposits are found in desert and arid environments. The stone comes in different shades of blue, blue-green, green, and yellow-green. For more than a thousand years, this stone has been prized as a gemstone and as an ornamental stone because it is rare and precious in finer grades. It was also known for and associated with connections to the spiritual world and was also used for protection from any harm. The stone deposits have depleted because the mining sites have been in use for a long time. Currently, only Iran has a lot of them. The stone became popular in most cultures as well as Native American tribes through trade. It was used for various types of jewellery and as a decorative piece. This stone stands out due to its natural stones pattern of spider webbing, and deposits of iron oxides, giving it a striking visual effect. The stone symbolizes water, fire, and sun. You can click here to find excellent online stores for this stone.

Healing Benefits

The stone has healing properties that affect the mind and the body. In India, the stone is used to treat snake and scorpion bites. It is used by people suffering from stomach issues, viral infections, gout, and cases related to rheumatism. It is beneficial as a pain reliever, and most people also use it as a detoxifying gemstone. The stone also has the power to prevent panic attacks and is used to treat depression and exhaustion. It helps in nutrients absorption, thus plays a critical role in maintaining the body water and acid-base balance. The nutrients are transported to the brain, organs and other body parts, making them function properly. The stone stimulates regeneration of tissues and organ in case of an injury, thus healing and closing up of wounds take less time. An organ such as the liver if lost, it grows back to its normal and original size. The stone helps strengthen the immune system since it aids in the treatment of infectious illnesses. The stone has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to block pain signalling to the brain, mostly during cramps. It helps to cure muscular system and spine disorders and protects all the joints in the body. It is used to heal high blood pressure, allergies, or any other infection. It is helpful in the throat as it clears sore throats and purifies lungs by draining any form of mucus from the lungs thus, prevents coughing, lung infection or damage, as well as asthma. It helps neutralize stomach acids and improves vision and treats diseases such as cataracts. In ancient times, the gem was believed to show change of colour if the person wearing it is ill or in danger. Once the stone turned into its original colour, it meant that the crisis had passed. Also if the gem discoloured, it was believed that the owner was poisoned.

Mental Benefits

One of the main benefits of this stone is that it helps with litho therapy. It is a technique that has healing energy by use of a few crystals and minerals. The therapist uses the stones during massage, meditation, cleansing, and the healing of bodies. During the therapy process, the stones are placed on your bare skin, either on the upper body or in the back, giving you calming effects. It helps one focus, be creative and shows practical actions. For shy people, it helps gain the confidence to share your thoughts without any difficulty. Medicinal potions, jewellery and placing the stones in your living space or working place are more examples of using the crystals for treatment. The stone helps people feel refreshed and brings them to life in their job or any other interest. They help you find yourself and integrate lost parts in you and help you embrace and come to terms with whatever you could be running away from. The stone symbolizes love, courage, and hope. It helps increase and enhances love, friendship and peace among families. Wearing a ring or bracelet for married couples is recommended in case there are differences, and they help overcome any problematic situations in their marriage. It is also used by people who are unable or are not successful in finding love by building their self-confidence to find love. In case of a break-up or rejection, the stone gives the power to face and overcome the split in a positive way. It also helps you give love to all the darkness inside you and helps you accept yourself wholly. This explains why the stone is known as a stone of acceptance. If you are working on forgiveness, it is a perfect stone to help you get let go of any resentment. It helps support and moderate sleep since the stone emits heat that comfort and relax the mind. It helps reduce nightmare and makes dreams memorable to its users. The stone is of great help to people who are facing stress, depression, and anxiety. It brings happiness and shows a positive side of life. The stone is known to bring good luck and to protect you from any negativity. It promotes a generous spirit towards other people around you.

Physical Benefits

This stone produces natural stone jewellery that is vibrant and striking. It is a versatile stone and is used in all kinds of jewellery, like rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The jewellery brings and welcomes brightness to your everyday wardrobe by adding a pop of colour to your appearance and outfit. It is believed that wearing the stone near your heart is a sign that you require healing powers. It helps lift spirits and gives energy that helps you glow and renew your self-confidence. It also enhances positives vibes and affirms a better life. The stone brings memories of happy days and soothes any emotional feelings that may storm through your mind. It moulds the mental state of a person and helps improve, for example, communication skills with other people and brings high energy that motivates you to do your work. It also helps in allowing one to have better thinking and improve decision-making skills. The stone helps one acquire the ability to understand and share feelings, as well as sympathize with people. In case one is angry, it helps stabilize and restore your inner peace, and also helps you remain calm. Use of the stone helps one overcome a sudden urge or a strong desire to act up and clears the conscience. The stone is considered to be a peaceful gem that helps reduce stress, tension and nervousness. Detoxifying is one of the most popular physical benefits of this precious stone. It helps speed up and eases any symptoms associated with detoxing, for example, alcohol, radiation, poison or simple elements from the pollution of the environment. Alcoholics and gambling addicts can benefit from wearing the stone by helping them overcome their urges. The stone is known to generate wealth since it helps in clearing up the mind. With a healthy body, you will be able to work and earn a living.


In ancient times, the stone was mainly used by Egyptians for decoration and fashion. It was made in the form of bracelets and was worn around the arms. Countries like Persia used the stone as a form of currency. People in East Asia and India used the stone for its medicinal effects in the human body. They also used the stone to make jewellery and considered it a form of art. It was also used in the Americas as a protective charm and used to guide their warriors and hunters. The stone, later on, became popular in Europe and was widely used to make ornaments. It is an everyday companion to anyone who is seeking a lifetime feeling of being cleansed and pure, and it helps to develop a good flow of communication. The stone prevents you from feeling stagnant by sending flowing energy that keeps you vibrant. It provides the physical and spiritual strength by giving good vibes to your soul. People seeking wisdom, joy, calmness, sixth sense, and the freedom to speak their own mind need the stone to facilitate just that. The stone helps ease anger, stress, fear, anxiety and grief; thus, it is helpful to your well-being in general. It can be used while working out to help you recover from any sourness that arises while training. The stone is a useful meditation crystal, and it enables you to make all your new ideas come into reality. It brings success, luxury and wealth. The stone stimulates well-balanced energy and also aids in treating different medical conditions. It is vital to keep the stones cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Ensure that you rinse thoroughly and dry them as soon as possible to keep the stones looking beautiful, fresh, and gorgeous.