According to confirmed gemstone experts, gemstones emit powerful waves and vibrations. The resulting energy can be used to protect against negative waves. Each stone has particular protective functions and it is a matter of choosing the one that will protect the most effectively.

Choosing the right protective stone

Many people believe in the virtues of stones and want to take advantage of the treasures of the Earth to protect themselves from negative waves and influences. Discover all the collections of the online shop France minéraux which could bring you well-being and serenity. A protective stone can be worn around the wrist as a bracelet, around the neck as a necklace or as an amulet. It is also possible to put a protective stone somewhere in your home, at work, on the desk for example. Since ancient times, men have believed in the powers of semi-precious and precious stones and used them as good luck charms and chakras. In a lithotherapy shop, you can discover the virtues of each stone, some of which have protective, healing, anti-stress, etc. properties. Black tourmaline, agate, onyx, turquoise, smoky quartz are powerful protective stones.

How do the stones work?

With a protective stone, the subject creates a magnetic field that will absorb negative waves. Protection stones can be semi-precious stones, crystals or minerals, which store energy radiation and release it as a protective force. Through our body cells, a kind of exchange of information takes place and the waves emitted by a stone will act as a protective shield against negative waves, curses and evil spirits. Today, lithotherapy enters the category of non-conventional medicine and aims to heal through the virtues of different stones and crystals.

Choose your stone protection

Many people wonder how best to choose a stone to protect against waves as well as negative influences. In a lithotherapy shop, it is possible to get information and find many tips. Some people use the services of an experienced astrologer who will be able to advise the best stone for their astrological sign and horoscope. An astrologer knows the crystal structure of semi-precious and precious stones and knows how to relate them to the zodiac sign of the person looking for a gemstone.