Published on : 23 April 20203 min reading time

Lithotherapy is an unconventional medicine which consists of using the powers of stones. It is a method that has proven itself over time. What is lithotherapy and how does it work?

Lithotherapy: Definition

Lithotherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the powers of stones to treat certain physical and psychic ailments. The functioning of lithotherapy is based on the fact that the stones possess therapeutic energies according to their geometric form, their constituent minerals and their colour. The adepts of lithotherapy speak about “vibration”. The human being as the stones emit vibrations specific to each one.

To heal by lithotherapy, it is necessary to find a stone that has a vibration complementary to that of the patient in order to create harmony, and because the properties of the citrine stone in lithotherapy are numerous, this makes it the most commonly used mineral for treatment sessions.

Lithotherapy: how to proceed?

A session of lithotherapy takes place in 2 steps. Firstly, an energy assessment of the patient is established. This allows us to determine the vibratory rate, to clear the aura and to analyse the patient’s chakras. At the end of this assessment, the appropriate stones are chosen to resonate with the person or animal being treated. These stones will be placed on certain areas of the body and will transmit their energy. A lithotherapy session lasts from 45min to 1 hour.

Apart from the lithotherapy sessions, one can enjoy the therapeutic virtues of the stones on a daily basis. Simply wear the stone on your body, in your pocket or as a pendant. The stones can also be placed in the living environment, in the office or in the house, and they will act on all the people in your surroundings.

Lithotherapy: its benefits

Lithotherapy helps to rebalance the body and mind. In general, it helps to relieve stress and get rid of anxiety and fatigue. A session of lithotherapy remedies sleep disorders or lack of self-confidence.

However, if you have the stones at home, it is necessary to maintain them by cleaning them regularly. The cleaning of the stones is done with salt water or holy water. It will also be necessary to recharge them so that they always keep their virtues. According to the stones, the recharging can be done from solar rays, lunar rays, a scallop, or a geode of Amethyst or Quartz.