Original and trendy, ethnic jewellery now attracts many people. Presented in several forms: feathered, with frills, discreet, etc., these fashion accessories can be combined with almost all styles. As for colours, the choice is very wide ranging from neutral to warm tones. Moreover, each ethnic jewel has its own particularities.

Traditional and handcrafted accessories

Made with several materials, ethnic jewellery is often inspired by Asian, African and Oceanic traditions. Even if they have crossed several eras, these accessories remain timeless and universal. Due to their material, they allow a rendering both chic and original. Copper, wood and brass are generally present in ethnic jewellery. They go well with festive outfits. On a daily basis, the choice of less noble accessories goes perfectly with cool or casual clothes. In this case, the jewellery will evoke an exotic atmosphere. Conceived with artisanal know-how, ethnic jewellery has no reason to envy other fashion accessories. It allows a personalized look.

Ethnic jewelry associated with stones

Ethnic jewellery traditions have now spread around the world. For ethnic groups, these accessories have their own meaning. Their association with natural stones (such as emerald, ruby, diamond and citrine), for example, can appeal to wealth, health or well-being. For noble families, the wearing of valuable ethnic jewellery (gold, for example) was once a symbol of glory and supremacy. Valuable accessories are made of precious and expensive materials. The middle and lower classes, on the other hand, wear less expensive objects often made of natural materials such as semi-precious metals, feathers and plants. In this day and age, it's all a matter of taste. Everyone is free to choose their ethnic jewelry according to their style and personality.

Jewellery that transports us to other worlds

Ethnic jewellery is usually synonymous with escape. Their bright and warm hues often take us to travel to other continents. These traditional accessories combine chic and nature. They have succeeded in bringing the past and the present closer together. Although ethnic jewellery is an aesthetic object, it is still advisable to be careful with accumulation. Combining feather earrings with an imposing necklace is not all harmony. To avoid too much effect, wear only one or the other. For bracelets, combine objects of the same volume and complementary colours.