Published on : 23 April 20203 min reading time

The flagship accessory for girls, jewellery comes in a variety of materials: gold, silver and much more. And to stand out from the crowd, customizable jewellery is an original option. What’s more, the current trend is to adopt everything that is authentic. In fact, personalized jewellery is now appearing in gift selections to surprise your best friend or a member of your family. In order to satisfy your craze for costume jewellery, here are a few ideas of jewellery to be personalized to suit your style.

Personalize your jewelry by inlaying a photo or an initial of your first name

In its design, a jewel to be personalized will be displayed differently if it is in your image. So go for customization, a timeless trend, for yourself or as a gift. To do so, you can call on professionals in this field to help you have a jewel with character. First of all, think about the jewel to be personalized, is it a pendant, a bracelet or a watch? Then, imagine the kind of image or message that suits you for your fashion accessory. For example, for your pendant, add a miniature family photo. For bracelets and rings, add an important date or your initials for your jewelry to personalize.

Use your imagination to create authentic jewellery

The DIY or Do It Yourself is another option to have completely original jewelry. By making your own jewelry, you will get a unique creation. On the other hand, if you are a beginner in this field, you can watch tutorial videos to make a jewel to personalize. To do so, you can use the coloured threads of your choice to make beautiful bracelets. If you like dream catchers, put some on your earring to surprise your eyes.

Opt for pearls and natural stones for your gold and silver jewellery

The materials seem inexhaustible to embellish a jewel to be personalized. You have a gold or silver necklace and want to add an ornament to make it even more beautiful? Pearls have always revealed the image of a refined and sensual woman. Embedded in your gold necklace, pearls give a fine shine to your neck.

The natural stones declined in several colors will make your jewel to be personalized even more seductive thanks to an incomparable authenticity. Since you are unique, give your silver jewelry a unique touch by adding minerals such as obsidian and agate.