Published on : 23 April 20203 min reading time

In the past, it was thought that silver devalued gold. In fact, some people believe that the combination of these two materials brings bad luck. However, the beauty code fully allows the combination of gold and silver. To wear them well, you just have to follow certain rules. Here are some precious tips for mixing silver and gold jewellery.

The choice of jewels

In order to combine gold with silver, it is important to choose the right jewellery to wear. Opt for accessories from the same family. These two materials are sufficient, no need to weigh them down with other materials. You can, for example, combine bohemian, chic or baroque jewellery. To combine gold and silver well, also think about choosing accessories of the same size or of complementary dimensions. For bracelets, choose jewellery of the same size. For an association of two types of accessories, be very careful. If you choose, for example, a discreet silver necklace, bet on small fine earrings or fine creoles.

The number of jewels and the accumulation

Accumulation is also a better way to properly associate gold and silver. Very trendy, this is especially done with rings. You can wear several pieces of jewellery on the same finger or put fine accessories on each of them. In any case, give preference to small rings. When accumulating your jewellery, choose an odd number with gold as a background. If you wear, for example, three rings, choose two gold accessories and one silver object. For five bracelets, put three gold and two silver jewels. This technique is an important rule of thumb in aesthetics. For a good harmonization, alternate the materials.

Things to avoid when wearing gold and silver well

If you wear gold and silver at the same time, avoid mixing styles. Choose jewellery with the same theme (chic, classic, bohemian…). Opt for accessories that are thinner and less imposing. If your wedding ring is made of gold, you can wear a silver bracelet to complete your outfit. Combining two jewels of different sizes is not at all harmonious. If you choose to combine several jewels at once, limit the number. For example, small earrings (or chips) and a gold ring go perfectly with a silver bracelet. The goal is to wear the accessories harmoniously while remaining discreet.