Who doesn't dream of creating and owning their own gold jewellery? Beautiful, creative and original, personalized jewellery is on the rise. With those who are ready to buy in the shop windows of a jewellery store, you will also find unique models. However, to have a piece of jewellery that will last over time, choose high quality gold. You don't know how to choose it? Here is some information you need to know to choose the right gold for you.

What you need to know about the quality of your gold jewelry

To have a well shaped ring or earrings, using raw gold is not possible, the product obtained will be too malleable. Other types of metals must be added to the alloy. And since it is difficult, if not impossible, to know with the naked eye the amount of gold in the jewel, gold jewelry punches were created. This is a mark engraved on the jewel to indicate its value and purity, which is measured and indicated by the carat.

The main categories of punches

The quality of jewellery made with precious metals is differentiated by the hallmark of title or the hallmark of guarantee. However, these two kinds of designations apply only to the quality of the jewel. Indeed, a solid gold ring of 24 carats will always contain 24 carats of gold, whether it has a title hallmark or a small guarantee hallmark. Moreover, the stamps of gold jewellery are different for new and used items. It is well to remember that all transactions related to gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals are controlled by the Guarantee Department.

Common types of hallmarks

- For pure 24-carat gold, which contains 999 thousandths of gold, the representative hallmark is a seahorse. The latter is currently very rare, it now only appears on ingots. As a reminder, jewellery from 18 to 24 carats is also called solid gold. - For a 22 carat jewel, equivalent to 916 thousandths of gold, the profile of an eagle is engraved in a bevelled rectangle with a number 1 underneath. This number designates that the hallmark is first title. - For 18 karat gold (750 thousandths), the most common gold in jewellery, the hallmark is indicated by the profile of an eagle in a hexagon and with the number 3 at the bottom of the beak. This indicates that it is a gold jewel with a third title punch.