Silver is a rare metal which is one of the first metals discovered, its history begins in Egypt around the year 2686-2181 BC where it had a more important value than gold and has passed through a whole civilization until today as a symbol of wealth. Silver has thus crossed a whole civilization and has written its history. Melted, cut and shaped, silver can be found in many forms and reaches our computer equipment.

The specific characteristics of silver

Silver, gold and platinum are rare and valuable metals. Nevertheless, silver has its own specificities. It is one of the first metals discovered and is best known as the main component of our coins. It is defined in carat and is found in our junk jewelry and electronic equipment, in pure silver or with other composition. These indications are verified by a hallmark (logo affixed by the jewellers) where the indications of its component are marked. As a metal, it can be identified with a magnet to which it will be attracted.

Instructions for knowing the jewels in toc

Silver metal is used as a raw material in several fields, but the most well known is in jewellery. However, it is a rare and expensive material which pushes the people who work with it to use other components to amortize its high cost. Therefore, jewellery is not made of pure silver, but it has to be mixed with different alloys. Chromium plated or plated, they come in many forms, but if the components are too much in excess, its manufacturers must inform the buyers with logos in the jewellers (verifiable by a punch). Silver can be tested with acid, at the end of the test this will determine its purity. With the acid, the silver will give off an effervescence and then give a whitish colour and for the other components it will be black.

How to choose your silver jewellery

Not all silver jewellery is authentic, it is advisable to check before buying your jewellery. In jewellery, no possibility of testing the jewels on the other hand one can check the punch to know its components. And it is necessary to know that a jewel remains a symbol of wealth and life, therefore a silver jewel as a gift is always pleasing, but a beautiful solid silver will be more appreciated.